Tuesday, 30 December 2008

It's that time ....again

Well! as we reach the end of another year, thought I should explain my absence, and try to update. My Journal has been very neglected,not that things don't happen ~just haven't had the inclination to write them down. I do visit some of you from time to time, and sometimes even comment!

I dread the dark nights, and the winter chills, and I think it gets to us all at times. I used to love Christmas, and would really get into celebrating after my Birthday on the 14th....but as some of you will remember, my Son Michael was killed in a Car accident on the 10th December, it is now 10yrs, but as the date comes around again.....forgive me, but I love this Picture,and some of you will have seen it before on my previous Journal.

I try to keep up for Allan's sake. and he loves the Christmas Holiday....and a couple of weeks off work. But this year I haven't enjoyed much of it. My health hasn't improved, and as there isn't a cure for 'Pemphigoid',in brief my Immune System doesn't work I have some dark days,It is uncomfortable, but outwardly I look fine.Being on so much medication...along with the Diabetes, there are obviously 'side effects'.I've had a 'tingling/itching feeling all over my body for a few weeks now...just thought it would go away.Sleep is very limited, and we all the know the effects of that. Anyhow, I had to phone my Surgery on the morning of Christmas Eve, and Allan picked up a Prescription, was told to contact them if no improvement.I've been so uncomfortable, and I think that is one reason I couldn't get into the Celebrations.I waited until the Surgery opened yesterday, and they saw me straight away.I've now been given Antihistamines, and a Blood test, and may have to attend Hospital.Some of my main medictaion can affect the Liver, and that apparently can cause the 'itch'...I have Blood tests every 4 weeks,because of some of my Medication. I was due for my HAb1c (Diabetic), but that is on hold until mid January.

It's not all doom and gloom though (lol) Allan bought a new Car that we both can drive. I've been learning on and off for some time. He even bought me my own Fiesta Ghia,( pictured here)to encourage me, and I was quite near to Test, but because of my health, gave up for a time, had passed my Theory, which has now expired (2yrs) and I have to sit that again also. We were running two cars,and Allan's Renault Laguna was expensive to run, and I didn't like driving it. So we now run the one Car.I want to sort out my Health problems, then try to gain my independence...driving. I'm hoping to get back with an Instructor....soon!

We had a Holiday in October, and went to Northumberland...the Cottage was owned by a Lord and Lady... no less, and was quite wonderful. A lovely large kitchen with an Aga, which I'd never used one before. Daren't even try to post any pictures,or I may lose this altogether,maybe another entry.

I hadn't done any Knitting for about 15yrs, and some of you may remember,baby James Edward was born in June...six weeks premature. I knitted a Baby Jacket, and it turned out quite well! He's quite grown now, at six months., and here he is! Not bad for a premature Baby (lol) Oh! and I bought him the Teddy (Baby's 1st Christmas)

Oh! Yes and I bought myself a new SOFA in November, and it fits in great with my small Cottage suite...

Almost forgot the main reason I came online tonight!...... To wish everyone a 'Happy and Prosperous New Year'


Friday, 12 December 2008

Just saying Hello!

I've tried to write an Entry, but have been thrown offline 4 times now.....so I'm giving in.

I haven't been too well for the last two weeks, but have tried to catch up with some of you. I will update, when I have a little more time...and patience.

I think 'Blogger' has a lot more options...BUT, I have to get used to them. Some great looking blogs out there.

I'm quitting while I'm ahead...before this disappears!