Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A worrying time

Hello! I've tried to write an entry so many times this year, but trying to put down words has been difficult......

My last entry was 'miserable', on my way to having my two front teeth removed because of an Abscess. I received 'comments' and emails wishing me well, I was very frightened, but the Surgery went well, and I continued with Medical appointments, attending two Hospitals, one for Eyes, and also the Oral Maxillofacial every 4 months. I also have to visit my own Dentist every 3 months. As I've tried to explain before, My condition is a compromised Immune System, this along with Diabetes, takes it's toll. Outwardly, no one is the wiser, but I get very tired, and quite uncomfortable a lot of the time.

Allan was made Reduntant at the end of 2009, after 23yrs with the same Company, that is a Story in itself! However, although it helps me with appointment etc. and more time together, it has knocked him for six. He is on a course today, so that is my 'excuse' for doing some practical things, and thought also of bringing things up to date.

I attended the usual Clinic for my mouth in April, it was a new to me Dr, and after examining my throat. she said 'your throat shouldn't bleed like that'......also a tender lump in my Neck at one side. She called for another opinion, and they called for another opinion, then they huddled together in conversation. I was told I had to attend next morning at 9.00am to see a Consultant Surgeon. As Allan isn't working, he could again take me, and it is a good hour journey. while Allan was parking the Car, I was called in -on my own. The first words uttered were 'The People upstairs think your Pemphigoid may have turned to Cancer' after that most things he said just went over my head. He examined my throat, and said he wanted me to come in to Hospital, for a Biopsy, and I would be put to sleep. Meanwhile, by this time Allan had joined me, and we were sent for Ultrasound scan, Chest Xray,Head and Neck Xray, Blood etc.....

Now, comes the better 'option' when I was called back in ,after the Ultrasound scan. they had found an Abscess under an end tooth on the right hand side.....this is where the supposed 'lump' is, and felt if that is causing the lymph node to swell, hence further infection to my throat etc. So the tooth has to come out, and they would write to my Dentist, as I requested my own Dentist.....taking 3/4days, but I'm still having a Panendoscopy at the Hospital......think an overnight stay. not sure, but dreading it!

I rang my Dentist 3 times to see if they had heard anything, after 4 weeks of waiting I rang the Clinic, and spoke to the Consultants Secretary, after holding on, they found a letter had been written on the 30th April, but not signed or sent out! It was decided there and then, to Fax it to my Dr and Dentist, and I was asked if I would like a copy, I asked if they could also Fax to me, and I have a two page letter about myself, here by my side as I type. saying this 'Lady' has a history of many months/years of a sore throat. .....just over 4yrs actually. I was a Telephonist all my working life, so speech has always been very important in my life......

Change of subject, isn't it cold? we have a lovely sunny day, and the washing is drying, but I have the Central Heating on.

We should have gone to Kent on Holiday on the 8th May, but have cancelled, and booked the same cottage for September, hoping for better days.

It's Allan's Birthday on Friday, and he says we are having a 'Day off' and going to Buxton for the Day. There is a place we like to go for an Italian meal, and the chef is Italian, so the Lasagne is great. I struggle with eating sometimes,but will give it a damn good try.

I don't Pray, but always ASK whoever is in charge, to look out for me, and of course others in need.

Must go and get showered etc now, as I have a Drs appointment at 4.00pm, so will say 'Bye for now, and hope for better news soon.