Tuesday, 11 January 2011

An eventful Day in the life of me

Well, just checking my 'mail' after a very busy Day at the Hospital.....and not much time to think....I suddenly realised this evening the Date 11-1-11. I remember when the year started,I decided I must do something special on that date, I have a thing about dates and times, and do you know it has just passed me by today. Even knowing the date of my appointment , since the middle of December, and I almost missed it, but I'm here now, with what is left of it, and just wanted to post.

Apart from Medical issues, it has been a good week for us (see previous Post)
I'm off to Bed now, but before I go...........

I bought the above Picture about 9 months ago, always loved it, and had a Birthday Card with this on many years ago, there was a series. As soon as I saw it, just had to have it....it wasn't expensive, and in a charity shop., more or less perfect, and has pride of place in my Lounge, and always a talking point. My question is.....does anyone know the Artist. I've scoured the Internet, but not managed to find out.

This was my Tree at Christmas, very pretty with the recent frost, the lights only just showing. Now all gone for another year. I planted this tree around the time my Son died (December 1998), and brought it with me here when I moved 8 yrs ago, and it survived!

All for now


(The 'block' colour wasn't intentional.....can't get rid of it :>(

Sunday, 9 January 2011

A New Year for us, and changes....

Still quite cold, so using the above tag, but hopefully not for long. We had a fall of Snow on Friday, but washed away by pouring rain overnight. I have kept putting off posting, as more health problems for me.....
Wanted to wait until the festivities were over, and trying not to think about it.
Before, I write about my latest diagnosis......I want to shout from the rooftops. Allan has been reinstated in his old job!!
The Company 'outsourced' his position as Purchasing Officer, but got into a bit of a 'mess', At the time he was the only one made redundant, his friends and fellow work colleagues were up in arms. Anyhow, to cut a long story short, the 'other' Company appear to have messed up, and Allan has been asked if he wanted his old position back...did he?. But, at first it may be less hours than before. It has been an awful year, with him losing his job last Christmas, and my health worsened from April.
We have got by,and our love for each other has kept us going,I really needed him with all that was going on in my life 'healthwise', and I've supported him..........my life will change again, as I've got used to him being around more, and being able to just ring, and as he is only a 10 minute drive away, he's there.......
..........and here he is, my Soulmate,(not the best of pictures but appropiate)

This morning he handed me an envelope, jokingly I said it feels like money, and it was, such a surprise, a beautiful 'Thank You' card with a £100 inside...for my support for him over the year. I almost bought a new Camera last week, so now will use the 'gift'

Now, back to me....
I had an appointment Christmas Eve with a new Consultant,new Dept. Wasn't keen on him, everytime I quoted what my regular Consultant had told me and the reason they were referring me to him....he kept saying that is not why you are here. Mainly I was there because of my voice changes, and other problems. I was sent the copy of the letter that they had sent to him! He decided there and then to organise a Laryngoscopy ( I thought he would have a chat, and tell me what they intended) asked me to follow him, after asking the Nurse to set it up. On the corridor, I being nervous, asked if they did some sort of sedation on the throat beforehand (as I had read) He wasn't well pleased, said 'I had better come back into his office' The next minute he shot something up both nostrils, and down my throat, muttering that most people find that worse than the actual examination. there was no discussing it! So off we went again,and he mentioned that he would have a look at my throat.Allan always goes in with me, but we had bumped into someone we knew, and I told him to have a chat, thinking we would be sat for ages as usual, but I was called in, and he hadn't realised, until it was all over...  The camera was put up my nostril and down my throat, not as bad as I first thought....but having bad experiences with swallowing previous cameras. He printed out a colour picture of my throat, do you remember the first instant cameras?He mellowed a little by this time, and showed me that they had found a 'growth' on my Soft Palate, and one on the Vocal cords. they are going to remove the one on the soft palate, and do a biopsy on the vocal cords. I don't know how serious the outcome will be, and I'm really frightened, not managing to get to sleep until around 4.00am on most nights.

I go for a Theatre admissions assessment on the 11th January,and should be able to ask the Nurse on the day a little bit more detail, and they operate on the 19th. It has been pretty quick, was seen 24th Dec and received appointment 31st Dec...this will be in hospital 3 times in 7 months, yes a lovely start to our festivities. BUT.... we would be in a state without them, and things can only get better, or can they?

Thanks for your continued interest, and kind thoughts.