Sunday, 7 February 2010

Not a lot of people know that!

Well, where to start. I'm not around so much these days, and only rarely comment. I joined AOL Journals on 18th November 2005....(so would have been 4yrs) However I fell down a flight of stairs at home on the 25th, one week later, my house is on three levels. Struggled with so many things at that time. Have had Diabetes since 2001, and fellow sufferers will know the problems. Started with a sore throat in January 2006,ulcers in the mouth, nosebleeds (one lasting 7hrs and was admitted to Hospital),repeated Conjunctivitis, and ulcers in the Vulva. It took until September 2007, and an Eye operation, to diagnose the 'problem' Cicatricial Pemphigoid (the cicatrical part of it is in the eyes.) It is a rare condition....1 in 1.million. You don't die from it, but can from the complications. I visit 2 hospitals on a regular basis, and treated with tablets that are given to transplant patients. It is my own Immune System that is the problem. As we all transferred to Blogger, I hoped I may hear from someone with the condition. It has been an eventful 4yrs, and I've coped with Allan's help. Outwardly, most of the time I look reasonable, but somedays it takes it's toll. I have a problem in my mouth at the moment, a lump started on my Gum above a front tooth, my own Dentist gave me Antibiotics, saw the Dental hospital in January, was given another course of the same Antibiotics for 7 days, no change, now had two Xrays, and they are removing my two Front teeth on Wednesday 10th February.They will be placed on a Bridge, and placed immediately... no one will be aware, but I will, and absolutely dreading it! If the lump remains they are going to do a Biopsy at a later date.the teeth aren't bad, it is because of bone loss.

Allan was made Redundant at Christmas, and we have had that to cope with, but he doesn't complain much. I'm Retired anyhow, but I wouldn't be able to hold a job down, as you never know what the Day will bring.

If anyone is still reading, I never felt quite at Home with Journals, and less so with Blogger. but have made one or two Friends.

I'm not good at 'baring all',and can't write about everything that happens in my life, too much going on, and not all bad, but tonight I felt I needed to explain somethings...don't even know


Something happened on AOL Journals, that threw me, and made me not want to participate., hence the long gap between posts, along with the ill health.....Someone, who wil be nameless,(American) wrote to me out of the blue, always commented, emailed, and even wrote me a Poem, found her a bit 'wacky' at times. Never mentioned Journaling in her own right........then found ,purely by accident, that she had kept a Journal for around 4 months. I'm sorry but that made me feel 'insecure' about 'cyberfriends'. she had quite a few followers, and came across as a really nice person, but she failed miserably in my eyes, or is it just me?

*Shows how rusty I am....The Signature should be at the botttom!