Sunday, 31 October 2010

Another update!

Just to say.......I've been home for a few days now, and thought I ought to let Friends know how I am.....

The recovery from Laser Surgery (Laser ablation dysplasia of the Orapharynx) took longer to feel comfortable. I was very unwell (sickly, and unable to swallow for a few days) after the Biopsy in June, BUT, this was different than I expected, and it has taken around two weeks to eat normally, but no sickness The Hospital staff were very kind to me, regarding the injuries of the recent fall, and between us it was manageable. Bruising completely gone now, but still a lot of discomfort in Wrist/Hand......will need treatment for this, have to contact my own Doctor soon.

However, I go to hospital for the results of the Laser surgery on the 9th November, and hoping for a good outcome. I still have the 'sore troat' (Pemphigoid) that I've had for over 4 years, and was hoping those 'feelings' would be gone.....but still the same.

I didn't want this 'Blog' to be only about being unwell, but that takes up a lot of my days.

I do have a life..... and we do go out, and do all the normal things, but at the moment Allan has to help me a lot. He doesn't stay as much now I'm improving, and he has his own home to maintain.

Miserable day weatherwise, and I'm not looking forward to the long dark nights, and shorter days. We had a beautiful Autumn day yesterday, and managed to drive to Bolsover, but staying put today

Thanks for reading, and I will update soon.....Promise!


Sunday, 10 October 2010

Just a brief update.....finally going in for Laser Throat surgery on the 12th October.Very nervous, but after recent cancellations, need to get this over with.

As stated in my previous post, the date has been changed several times due to different circumstances.

It has been very difficult after my fall, unable to do much for myself.....Allan is now very experienced in shampooing, and blowdrying my hair etc. and I've slowly become a lady of leisure, unable to cook or wash up afterwards. Luckily Allan is a capable chef.

Now managing a little better with the 'painful' hand, but after 3 weeks unable to sleep, burning/tingling sensation. I can now move my fingers a little. Had to see my own Dr at the end of last week, and she feels it is the 'Carpel tunnel'.....which I had sort of diagnosed myself, via the internet, as I fell directly on the hand, she may give me a Cortisone injection in a couple of weeks, or refer me for Surgery. I've been given Amitriptyline, just for the sleep problem, but only had one decent night so far!

Anyhow, I've accepted the new date for Throat surgery, and hope to be able to cope with it all. The bruising of the hand/arm is almost gone, but still very sore.

Sorry not to write more, but still typing with the left hand, and very tiring. How we take 'being able' so for granted.

This has certainly been a year to remember, and Allan is still unemployed. BUT, it has meant he could be here for me.

All for now