Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Still fighting, and hoping to Win!

Just to thank you for your kind comments and emails.....as you will be aware I was due to go for  the results of the January Biopsies on 22nd February.....the result is that I have to have more Surgery.

The lesion removed from the Soft Palate was Non Malignant, but I have Cancer in situ (Stage 0) on the right vocal cord, a Cyst/Polyp to be removed, and Reinke's Edema (fluid and swelling on the vocal cords). As you can imagine I am very unwell just now....and worried.  
I am going to hospital today for pre op assessment, and due for Laser Surgery on the 16th March, at a later date I am being referred to a Speech Therapist.
Allan was reinstated in his Job on 31st Jan, after a year unemployed, and has settled back to working again....he can't take me today, but a Friend will go with me, and he will collect us, and bring us home.
I'm making this brief, as I have been thown offline 3 times whilst writing this.
Thank you for your continued support...it means a lot.