Thursday, 26 May 2011

Can't think of a Title for this Post!

Have tried to write an entry, so many times recently, and wondered if anyone still followed me. As you will be aware from recent posts, my health hasn't been good for a long time. I still attend clinic on a regular basis for the Pemphigoid, but recently they were concerned over a raised lump on my neck. No one would know it was there, and it didn't hurt. In April 2010, I underwent an ultrasound examination, and at that time, a tooth needed to come out, and it was thought it was maybe the infection  from that. I continued with monthly clinic appointments, and if you remember I had cancer in situ in the vocal cords,which then progressed to the Uvula, and have been in hospital 4 times now, over the last 12 months, having had laser treatment to remove the cells, and a small lump in the throat removed, which was benign. My voice became almost non existent, but recently came back to almost normality. We really thought, I was 'on the mend'.However, the usual Consultant I see every few weeks, became concerned that the 'lump' on my neck was still there, and ordered an Ultrasound again. I had the Ultrasound, and was told by the Radiologist, that it had grown in size, and they needed to do a Core Biopsy, which they did. The lady Consultant rang me at home the following morning, saying she needed to see me again. BUT, we are going on holiday in the morning 27th, so it was arranged to see her on the 7th June. I then received a letter asking me to contact her Secretary. They needed to see me preferably before I went away! it was decided to go today, and Allan had time off to go with me. I knew something was wrong......and was told I have Metastatic Cancer. The lump appears to be a secondary Tumour, and have had MRI and CT Scans today to determine the problem......My mind is in a whirl, I'm very frightened,  and this post has been so hard to write......I now go back for the results of the scans,and what treatment they intend on 6th June. We booked a Holiday months ago, when I was feeling a little better, and now go to Mid Wales in the morning.

Thanks for taking the time to read, as I begin this Journey, and a new 'chapter' on our return.

    Our cottage for next week, and the view from the Bedroom below. Allan will no doubt be walking those Berwyn Mountains........


And Pistyll Rhaeadr (UK's highest Waterfall) is just below those mountains.