Friday, 24 September 2010

Update on previous Post......

Just an indication of what life is like just now, this is one week on, so things have improved somewhat visibly.....I couldn't 'unbend' the fingers at all, slight improvement, apart from the thumb, but the pain doesn't go away!

We returned to the fracture clinic on Sunday morning, as advised, and it was a vey nice lady Dr. She confirmed that the wrist is not fractured, but they had some concerns, and she showed me the hand Xrays. It was felt that I had a problem, probably from a previous fall.....gaps between the bones. She wanted to refer me to a Surgeon in a couple of weeks time. I explained all that was going on in my life with health just now, so it was agreed to wait for now.

I've had to cancel my going into hospital for Laser treatment on my Throat on the 28th now, and waiting for a call to offer me another date.I couldn't possibly cope in this condition.I was offered August 17, and they cancelled 4 days before. Offered 14th September, I declined as we were going away,( We should have been on holiday this week, and lost almost £400), then offered the cancelled You don't realise ,,how debilitating it is to only have your left hand, especially if you are right handed as I am. I have trouble with dresssing/undresssing,eating etc. Allan is having to do everything for me. Can't even brush my Hair, and the pain goes on and on.

This is brief, as I can only type with one finger on left hand, and it takes forever.

Thanks for reading, and commenting.


Saturday, 18 September 2010

Things can only get better....or can they?

Where to start?

This posting will be difficult, as I am typing with one finger, on my left hand. Being right handed, it is quite difficult!

I've intended to update for a while now, but life (health) got in the way.

We should have been on holiday from today, going down near Kent for a week, prior to my Laser Surgery for Cancer in situ, in my Throat.
(Now to be the 28th September)

Friends who have followed my very rare Postings, will probably remember my health hasn't been good....

Just to bring things upto date......briefly, as I don't know how long this will take.

After having Throat problems, along with other complications for over 4yrs. I had a Biopsy in June, and it was found to be the stage before Cancer. Was promised I would be in Surgery within the month. also they found a tooth that needed attention, so that was now going to be done at the same time. I wont go in to the Dental saga, but that was taken out at the Dental Hospital 3 weeks ago. I was due to go in for the Laser surgery on the 17th of August, so everything was .moving along before our Holidays.A phone call from the Hospital 4 days before, cancelled the August date, and could I now go in on the 14th September? I felt this not possible, because of going away on the given a date 28th September. We had also cancelled our Holiday for May,moving it to September, thinking things would be 'sorted'.we rented the same Cottage, but as we changed the date, the price was more expensive. Unfortunately, we had cancellation Insurance for the previous Booking, but we did not realise at the time, the Insurance was not carried on to the new Booking.......therefore, we have lost the amount paid, and a pretty little Cottage is sitting empty, as I type. We have tried to book this Cottage for the last three years, and this was the first time we had made it! Somehow, not meant to be.

are you keeping up so far?

Two days ago, getting ready for travelling today ( 18th) I was almost packed, but regrettably now......I had a last tidy up in the Garden, and watered some new plantings, as I 'unhooked' the Garden hose, I lost my balance and fell backwards....but landed on my right Hand, resulting in a large swelling on my wrist, and elbow, and much bruising. I lay there hoping someone would hear me but nobody around....eventually pulled myself up, got in the House, and 'phoned Allan. didnt know at the time I had also cut my toe, so there were blood spots on a pale green carpet! least of my worries at the time.

We went to A & E, about 8 miles away, after numerous X-Rays, it was decided I needed to go to the Fracture clinic, and couldn't be seen until Sunday morning....I have a splint on at the moment,and as you can imagine, being right handed...everything is difficult. Allan is very supportive, as I can't even take the top of the milk! It has been an 'Annus Horribilis' for us. You may remember that Allan was made Redundant at Christmas, and as yet no job on the horizon.

We really needed this Holiday, but doesn't look like we will get away now. We tried to think who could go in our place ( a free Holiday for someone) but most of our Friends were either on holday, or otherwise occupied..... be continued

Thanks for taking the time to read.