Friday, 24 September 2010

Update on previous Post......

Just an indication of what life is like just now, this is one week on, so things have improved somewhat visibly.....I couldn't 'unbend' the fingers at all, slight improvement, apart from the thumb, but the pain doesn't go away!

We returned to the fracture clinic on Sunday morning, as advised, and it was a vey nice lady Dr. She confirmed that the wrist is not fractured, but they had some concerns, and she showed me the hand Xrays. It was felt that I had a problem, probably from a previous fall.....gaps between the bones. She wanted to refer me to a Surgeon in a couple of weeks time. I explained all that was going on in my life with health just now, so it was agreed to wait for now.

I've had to cancel my going into hospital for Laser treatment on my Throat on the 28th now, and waiting for a call to offer me another date.I couldn't possibly cope in this condition.I was offered August 17, and they cancelled 4 days before. Offered 14th September, I declined as we were going away,( We should have been on holiday this week, and lost almost £400), then offered the cancelled You don't realise ,,how debilitating it is to only have your left hand, especially if you are right handed as I am. I have trouble with dresssing/undresssing,eating etc. Allan is having to do everything for me. Can't even brush my Hair, and the pain goes on and on.

This is brief, as I can only type with one finger on left hand, and it takes forever.

Thanks for reading, and commenting.



  1. Oh my Aileen! You HAVE made an awful mess of your arm!
    I hope you soon get your appointments sorted out.
    Stay safe and well and free from harm until then.
    Jeanie xx

  2. You poor soul Aileen, your arm looks so painful and you certainly don't need any more problems. I hope you can get in soon for your throat surgery. I'm sorry you lost the holiday cottage but some things are meant to be. When I was very young my neighbours took off in their car to go to the Lake District but they broke down halfway there and had to come home. A few weeks later they tried again and the same thing happened. The next month they set off again and the whole family apart from the six year old daughter were killed in a car crash. I've always thought that the first two breakdowns was Gods way of telling them not to go. I hope your arm will heal up soon, it must be awful to only have one useable hand. Jeannette xx


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