Friday, 31 December 2010

A New Year

Just came by to wish Friends and Readers a 'Happy New Year'

So glad to see the back of this one, and hope for a better one for everyone.This will go down as one of my worst ever, but know that I am not alone...... 'with problems'

I am going into Hospital again shortly,that will be 3 times in around 7 months,  but will write about that another time.

As 2010 ends, we can only hope for a better and brighter 2011..........


Thursday, 9 December 2010

Hello! to my Blog update as promised. I've delayed writing.....and on a good day, try to forget what is happening 'healthwise'

Just to recap......

I have been going to the Oralmaxillofacial Clinic since September 2007, after problems with Ulcers in the Throat and Mouth since January 2006 and 12 nosebleeeds (one lasting 7hrs)also recurring Conjunctivitis. Finally diagnosed with Cicatricial Pemphigoid , basically a 'Compromised Immune System'......for which there isn't a cure. I'd got used to having a sore throat/mouth......but in April 2010, things were changing, and I also have an enlarged lymphnode at the side of my neck. I cannot see this, but they can 'feel' it. As some of you may remember, I went into Hospital in June for Biopsies, and the result of that was 'Cancer in Situ' (stage before Cancer). Arrangements made to be admitted for Laser treatment, first they cancelled, and then you may remember I had a fall in the Garden, so Hospital delayed, and arranged holiday cancelled. Did finally go in Hospital October 12th, and had the Cells Lasered.

Did go to back on 9th November to the Clinic that I attend on a regular basis, used to be every 4 months, but with the 'changes' now go every month. I thought I would receive the results from the Laser treatment, but didn't, and another appointment was made for January. It bothered me that I had to wait all that time, but then got a 'Phone call on the 23rd November, asking if I could attend the next Day? which I did, and saw the Surgeon who had done the Laser treatment.He was happy with the way things had gone. BUT, now was asked how long I'd had the 'problem' with my Voice.....I sound like I've got Laryngitis a lot of the time and have done all the time I've been attending, but sometimes it sounds just normal. I thought they were treating me for all the Mouth/Throat problems,they have just been concentrating on the Mouth/tongue... but I'm now being referred to Ear/Nose/Throat for investigations further down the throat, and I'm really 'worried' is an understatement, totally different Hospital, but they all come under the umbrella of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, and it is just around the corner. the only (soonest)appointment they can offer me is December 24th, Christmas Eve is my favourite Day of the Holiday. I also have appointments for the main clinic, and another clinic on the 14th December (My Birthday) one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Still having problems with the Hand/Arm that I fell on, and it appears to have 'upset' the Carpel Tunnel..which is quite common, BUT, very painful. After 3 months of pain my own Doctor has reluctantly given me a Cortisone injection in the wrist. It has improved, but Surgery is maybe on the cards for that. I can't cope with that just now. Some better news, I've just had an Eye test at the Opticians, and no change there, same Prescription for the last two years, but only need them for reading and close work.

Allan is still unemployed, after applying for various positions, as it happens he has been available for me, and a great help. We are both hoping for a better 2011. I wish I could just wake up in the morning, and it was not happening to me.

Today, the 10th December (1998)was the date my Son was killed in a Traffic accident, somone crossed the solid white line coming in the opposite direction. and he was killed outright.
His ashes are buried in Penistone churchyard, which is quite a journey from here, but I always go the nearest Weekend to the Anniversary and lay a holly Wreath. The weather has prevented that, which has upset me, but we will go as soon as we can.

*We made our third batch of mince pies yesterday, Allan doing the preparation, and me filling as best I can .........we ate the first two lots, but I'm expecting a couple of visitors today so hope they last. I love them, and could eat them all year.


Friday, 3 December 2010

Snowed in!

This morning at Home, from the Front Door.... coldest November/Dec for a century.

I've been meaning to 'Update' for sometime, especially 'Health' news, but will post more later.
Allan walked here and back home again on Tuesday, normally he can be here in 10 mins, especially good if I 'need' him. But over an hour each way with him walking.......Been on my own , but he is walking here again as I type, and will collect some milk and bread en route.

Hope everyone is OK and managing to keep warm