Friday, 3 December 2010

Snowed in!

This morning at Home, from the Front Door.... coldest November/Dec for a century.

I've been meaning to 'Update' for sometime, especially 'Health' news, but will post more later.
Allan walked here and back home again on Tuesday, normally he can be here in 10 mins, especially good if I 'need' him. But over an hour each way with him walking.......Been on my own , but he is walking here again as I type, and will collect some milk and bread en route.

Hope everyone is OK and managing to keep warm


  1. Lovely pictures Aileen ,but snow should stay on Christmas cards and ski resorts ,hope you are keeping better now ,...keep warm and well Jan xx

  2. Beautiful pictures Aileen... sooo much snow!!

  3. Aileen, I didnt realise I wasnt following you, Im sorry! Im following you now! Beautiful pictures of the snow! xxxxxx

  4. beautfiul pics!! Hope you have some good news for us..Merry Christmas my dear...

  5. I have found your entry at last Aileen!
    These snow pictures are good to look at but not nice to live with!
    We are supposed to have this weathr for another two weeks. Sigh! I suppose we would have been contending with floods if it had rained instead.
    Always look on the bright side....

    Jeanie xxx


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