Tuesday, 11 January 2011

An eventful Day in the life of me

Well, just checking my 'mail' after a very busy Day at the Hospital.....and not much time to think....I suddenly realised this evening the Date 11-1-11. I remember when the year started,I decided I must do something special on that date, I have a thing about dates and times, and do you know it has just passed me by today. Even knowing the date of my appointment , since the middle of December, and I almost missed it, but I'm here now, with what is left of it, and just wanted to post.

Apart from Medical issues, it has been a good week for us (see previous Post)
I'm off to Bed now, but before I go...........

I bought the above Picture about 9 months ago, always loved it, and had a Birthday Card with this on many years ago, there was a series. As soon as I saw it, just had to have it....it wasn't expensive, and in a charity shop., more or less perfect, and has pride of place in my Lounge, and always a talking point. My question is.....does anyone know the Artist. I've scoured the Internet, but not managed to find out.

This was my Tree at Christmas, very pretty with the recent frost, the lights only just showing. Now all gone for another year. I planted this tree around the time my Son died (December 1998), and brought it with me here when I moved 8 yrs ago, and it survived!

All for now


(The 'block' colour wasn't intentional.....can't get rid of it :>(


  1. Hi Aileen,I never gave yesterdays date a thought.Sorry you remembered too late but it't understandable with what you have had to contend with of late.I hope the appointment went well.The picture is pretty.I found the b/card on the internet for you and sent you the link in an e. mail.I will do a little research on the painting when I have odd moments to spare.The tree is thriving very well isn't it? Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  2. Like yourself I never gave the unusual date a thought, apart from it being my mother's birthday.
    I like your picture. I too, hope your appointment went well. I just wish everything would heal and give you peace of mind.
    The Christmas tree is lovely. Especially with the frost on it.
    May God rest your darling son.
    Much love
    Jeanie xxxxx

  3. I'm glad you're OK Aileen. I remember that date, I was ill with gastric flu so couldn't do anything memorable with a temperature of 102º! Your Christmas tree is beautiful, I'm glad it survived the house move. I love the painting, if ever I find out who did it I'll let you know. xx


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