Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Waving not Drowning

Hello! any Friends out there......and a big 'Thank You' to anyone who has sent Greetings for Christmas.....

I have meant to 'update' for so long, but as time goes on, it's harder to catch up, as such a lot has happened, and sorry for the year of absence

Still dealing with Oropharyngeal Cancer, and have had another MRI Scan on the 7th December. Did have two previous ones, and the diagnosis was 'It hadn't progressed. However, still getting a lot of the same symptoms, so I'm waiting for result from MRI, and go to Oral Maxillofacial clinic on 7th January.......the waiting is the worst part, but feel if there was any problem, I would be recalled earlier.

I had the PEG Tube (feeding) removed after 10 months, and can swallow normally. However, the Saliva Glands/Tastebuds have never recovered, but we remain hopeful. Most things have little or no taste, eating out is impossible for now. In fact didn't have a cup of Coffee for 5 months.....
Stilll trying to maintain my weight, as I did lose 4 stones at the time, always wanted to lose a little, but prefer my former self. Never thought I would be faced with the problem of trying to gain weight. Very unstable with balance, and further problems arose in September, when I fell at the back of the House, and broke a bone in my foot, didn't got to A & E until 4 days later, escaped without a Cast!, but hurt both wrists, and knees.
So that has hindered my life somewhat......apart from that, hadn't been out by myself since June 2011. Allan has supported me through the 18 months, never thought my life would come to this, but I have so many things to be grateful for.

On a lighter note.....it was Allan's Parents 'Diamond Wedding' Anniversary on 26th December. I tried for some months to arrange for a special 'Greeting' fom the Queen (when a couple have been married for 60yrs) and it happened on the 22nd with it being Christmas. They were thrilled of course! I even got a Note from Buckingham Palace to say when ,and how it would happen.

'Bye for now......


  1. Dear Aileen,so nice to see an entry from you ,sounds as though you have been through the mill ,this year ,I pray things continue to improve ,love your signiture Teddys ...love Jan xx

  2. I have not visited blogs for a very long time, I saw yours on my favorites and came to visit. So very sorry you have had such a very rough road. I love your Teddy bears and that is wonderful your husband's parents celebrated 60 years and the Queen acknowledged it. I hope things will continue to improve for you, God bless.

  3. Sorry not to have noticed this entry Aileen. Believe it or not I was just thinking about you this evening. I am pleased to read that you have had the PEG tube removed. That must feel great! Hope you had good results today at the clinic.
    Congratulations to Alans parents. What a wonderful celebration!
    I have not been Blogging for a long time, like yourself. I only just decided to try and get back into a few days ago. Most of our AOL blogger friends now keep in touch on Facebook, so that's where you will find us most days.
    Take care and good luck with your health issues.
    Thinking of you and keeping you im my prayers.
    Jeanie xx

  4. Hi Aileen,I have had real problems getting into some blogs lately,so now it is a case of pot luck when I come to blogger.I am lucky tonight.Probably missed this alert due to only just getting out of hospital myself and the busy time Christmas is for us all.I am happy you seem to be making progress,even though it is slow.So much you have had to deal with.Congratulations to Allans parents.My parents were together 76yrs.They met at nursery when they were 3yrs old.What an acheivement hey!!I myself am up down up down with the COPD and I get realy down some days,but like you say,we have much to be thankful for.I am sure any partner or hubby would stand by us,if they love us enough.I know my Rooster has been a trooper and your Allan too.Take Care Love God Bless.Kath XXX

  5. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog, Aileen. I see it is a while since our last post and so I hope things are going better for you. Reading about all that you have been going through, I am humbled. My stupid little grumbles are put into perspective! Good wishes and God bless for the future, Aileen.


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