Sunday, 1 February 2009

Where did January go?

Well, thought it time i put in appearance!

In my last Entry, I tried to update, and explain my absence.

Sad to say, things didn't improve

I almost 'missed' Christmas and New Year....after speaking to my Surgery several times, and my medication changed four times. Was asked to attend Hospital on the 5th January. I was found to have an infection of the Skin. The cream I was given worked, but left me feeling very tired and weak. Sleep had been almost impossible. I have cancelled 5 medical appointments since the middle of November. Thought things were almost back on track, and I have six appointments during February. I'm due to see the Eye Consultant on the 3rd, and again will not be able to make I have been unwell for the last week, continual headaches, nausea etc. A rash had developed on the top of my Breast, and down the side, and a patch almost under my Arm. I went online trying to 'diagnose' myself. The Internet is a brilliant tool, but you can frighten yourself to death.... which I did. Allan took me to the Walk In Centre at the Hospital yesterday as they opened. Now it appears I have 'Shingles'. I explained my health condition to the male Dr, and as usual he had never heard of it (CICATRICIAL PEMPHIGOID). He did say he would have some reading up to do. I have explained this before, but for any new readers. My IMMUNE SYSTEM doesn't work, and my Body 'attacks itself'. I'm given Immunsuppresents, which results in being prone to any Infections around. I don't think you 'catch' Shingles. Just a result of being very run down etc.

Anyhow, I'm feeling pretty miserable this morning, and waiting for the 5 a day tablets to 'kick in'.

Most days I look fine outwardly, just very uncomfortable, and the Rash is out of sight.

I thought i would make an 'Entry' as Allan has gone walking in Derbyshire in the early hours. He was hoping to find some Snow. Actually, it has just started here with a few flakes.

He's' offered to take me to Waitrose later (my favourite Food Shop) but I think I'm staying put for today...But we will have our evening meal together, and he's offered to cook, but we usually do it together.

We did go over to my Friend Tracey a couple of weeks ago, and she is so much better now. She is waiting to decide whether she wants Breast reconstruction, after her Mastectomy last Summer. She lives just beyond Holmfirth, I'm sure many of you are fans of 'Last of the Summer Wine'..although we seem to be losing the Characters, and most recently Kathy Staff.

We usually call at 'Compo's' on the way back, wonderful Fish and chips!

Also you may remember the Lady who does my Feet had Lung Cancer. Sad to say, although she has never let me down....they have now told her it is terminal. She comes here every six weeks, and has been coming for 10 yrs now. she has booked me in again for March, I regard her as a Friend, and would hope they have got it wrong. She never complains, or talks about her problems, unless I ask...which of course I do.

Must go now, and have some lunch....hope to 'speak' to you all soon.

Speaking of lunch, came across this Butchers shop in Rothbury on our last holiday in the Autum

Apparently Charles and Camilla had been there!

'Bye for now



  1. shingles, & the dr never heard of it? what a dr!
    shingles can be very painful, hope you're dealing ok.
    praying you get to make your appts, you need to be seen asasp.
    sorry about your friend, will say a prayer for her & family.
    also, saying a prayer for you, my friend.

  2. Sorry Sugar if I misled you (lol) I meant he hadn't heard of CICATRICIAL PEMPHIGOID
    ...and yes it is quite painful (Breast)

  3. Sorry you are still not feeling well. Shingles are a very painful thing Stuart had them many years ago they are nasty. When I started reading you entry I knew tight away what it was. We have a hospital appointment tomorrow for Stuart but the weather forecast is awful and it is an 80mile trip there and back will have to wait and see. Love Joan.

  4. Good to hear from you again Aileen.I have kept popping to your blog to see if you had posted.Sorry to read you have been so ill and now Shingles.OUCH I had them a few yrs ago.They are very painful I couldn't stand it they drove me potty.What a place for you to have them too,you poor girl.You have my sympathy.Alan out in the early hours walking,brrr he's a brave guy.It's perishing isn't it.It's been trying to snow here all day.Says on the weather we are in for quite a lot Mon and Tues.The Rooster and I love Howarth.We used to go lots at one time.there many times.Prayers for you and your dear friend.I hope you soon feel much better .Enjoy your meal together.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  5. So sorry to hear that you have the shingles Aileen! My mother has had them several times, and they are quite painful. This last time she had them on her head and down her face and in her eyes. Very bad. I hope that you are feeling better soon. Sending lots of prayers and love your way. XXOO

  6. Hello my dear friend Aileen. Awwww I had shingles when I was 17. I had it on the side of my face. It makes you feel really rough for a while before the rash actualy appears. Poor you Aileen. Thinking of you. Laine xxxxxx

  7. you is a brave lady Aileen, and in the real world I'd be straight round forra cuppa tea and a donut
    x lynbo x


  9. Hey Aileen, finally got a minute to catch up with you.. Sorry to hear about your shingles. My Dad had shingles eight years ago, on his head and in his eyes and he STILL feels the pain to this day.. People around you are having a bad time with their health too, so you must be feeling very low at the minute,I'm really sorry to hear it ..
    We really should meet up one of these days, it would be so nice to put a face to a name, so to speak..After all...we are both Sheffield girls...
    Is that your garden on the photo at the top of this page ? It's gorgeous...
    Hope to hear from you soon. And keep your chin up, smiling always makes the sun come out...
    Loads of love Aileen x x Pat

  10. wow, been a long time since you updated. :(
    ty for coming by & commenting on my bd, no i haven't recieved an ecard from you.
    have a good wkend.

  11. Hi Aileen, long time no hear! How are you? Hope you're OK. Jeannette xx

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  13. dear aileen, post just ran. got card from you. ty sooo much. please see edited comment on my blog. { }

  14. Hi Aileen, I can't comment on your last post as there isn't a comment box to click! I just wanted to wish you nd Allan a very happy new year. I do hope Allan can get sorted with another job, there are just too many places cutting down on staff which won't do the economy any good as the new unemployed won't be able to afford to spend money to boost it. It's a vicious circle I'm afreaid. I hope the snow clears but I'm glad you managed to spend Christmas together. Jeannette xxxx


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