Saturday, 2 January 2010

A New Year

Have meant to 'update' for sometime, but 2009 has not been a good year......

The final blow came, as Allan was made Redundant from his job, on the 23rd December, as they broke up for the Christmas Holidays. He is due to finish on 29th January, unless there is a 'turn around'

I still battle with my Immune System disorder, I attend two hospitals on a regular basis, Opthalmology, and Maxillofacial, also have 3 monthly checks at my own Dentist. This along with my Diabetes, takes it's toll. Outwardly I look fine most days....and people remark 'how well I'm doing' but as it is such a rare condition (1 in 1 million) I'm the unlucky one I had hoped through blogger I would 'meet' others with the same condition. Read recently that long term stress could be a factor.

Had both the Flu and Swine Flu jabs just before Christmas, but had to cancel 8th December Hospital appointment because of being unwell. Now go on January 12th.

Allan and I will have been together 22yrs in March, but live seperately, which suits us, only a ten minute drive. Saying that he has been here over Christmas, but went home last night. I'm Home alone today, as we were meant to have a Turkey dinner tonight,cooked by Allan ( we have 3 to use) with his Parents, but that has been called off because of the steady fall of Snow for most of the Day. It is pre arranged for Tomorrow, now becoming Sunday Lunch. But we have just spoken on the 'Phone, and it may not happen, because of the Roads. So we have around 10 pounds of Turkey to eat between us .Our snow had almost cleared on the Roads and Footpaths, but still remaining on the Country Roads. His Parents came here Christmas Eve, as they do each year, but Allan had to fetch them, and take them home because of the Icy conditions.

We managed a walk in the Park on Christmas Day, and had our meal in the evening, as we often do....just us. We only met four other people in the Park, it was so bitterley cold, and the Ducks and Geese were struggling to find food, but they ask you not to feed them Bread, as they live on Grass, algea etc ......

HAPPY NEW YEAR...... a little late


  1. Jeannette said...
    Hi Aileen, I can't comment on your last post as there isn't a comment box to click! I just wanted to wish you nd Allan a very happy new year. I do hope Allan can get sorted with another job, there are just too many places cutting down on staff which won't do the economy any good as the new unemployed won't be able to afford to spend money to boost it. It's a vicious circle I'm afreaid. I hope the snow clears but I'm glad you managed to spend Christmas together. Jeannette xxxx

  2. I'm glad you fixed the comments! We have snow forecast for the next seven days. Brrrr! Jeannette xx


  4. Hello Aileen,good to find you again.I had to do it through Sugars Blog.I lost many when my pooter had to have aol re-installed a while back now.I was lost as to how to find them.Now the penny has clicked He-He.It takes a while sometimes doesn't it.Is it called a senior moment I believe LOL!!Sorry about Alans job.The Rooster toois hanging in there with his work.They were put on four days a while back now,to see if this would help.Like you and Alan we are still living seperate,no work here at all so he has to saty at the coast for now.I pray your health gets better soon,it's tough isn't it love at times."Happy New Year " to both of you and I hope you get that long awaited meal soon.Isn't the snow terrible.I am housebound here for a while now.Today it has never stopped just getting deeper and deeper.Sorry for the abscense to your posts.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  5. Hi Aileen, I too tried to leave a comment the other day but you did not have a comment box but it is back now these funny things happen. Hope Allan can get another job soon it is not niece when this happens to you. Wishing you and Allen Happy New Year and better things in 2010. Lopve Joan

  6. I had trouble with my comment box,too. Happy belated New Year,hope this ones better for you.


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