Monday, 27 June 2011

More Surgery

I promised myself, and others.....that I would update, and stay in touch. We did go on Holiday, and it was lovely and peaceful, and very relaxing.I intended to share photos, but my PC had other ideas, and many tmes couldn't get online But, now back to the real world, and pending Biopsies, tomorrow to be exact (28th).
We arrived back on the 3rd June, and had to be in Clinic on the 6th. After a long wait to be seen, the news was mostly negative, for me that is....the neck tumour is a secondary tumour, with an unknown primary. In other words, they can't find it.If they can't find it....they can't treat it. Cancer has 4 stages, as many other sufferers will be aware. I've read that it has to be stage 2 to become metastatic.Rightly or wrongly, I have joined the Macmillan site, and sometimes it's very frightening

A very tense time for us....and tomorrow will be my 5th Biopsy, in just over twelve months. The Consultant is going to do a Panendoscopy, and take biopsies in the mouth and throat area. Having hardly any speaking voice for most of the last year, it came back to almost 100% the day before Allan's Birthday (Friday 13th) We thought it was a good sign, BUT, it hasn't been the case.

Will end here, and hopefully back with some 'better' news soon.
Thanks to anyone who has been in touch recently.......



  1. can only post annonymous..comments are messed up...wishing you all the very best my dear friend..only a screen away if you ever need anything..

  2. Dear Aileen ,I will keep you in my prayers,it must be so hard to stay strong...with Love Jan xx

  3. I hope that the biopsy went well today, m'dear. What a time you are going through. Let us know when you get the results, and in the meantime, I am thinking of you. Take care xxx


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